Weather in Scotland

Posted on Jul 10, 2017

Dear Doreen,

It’s done! Last year we’ve left Germany and returned to Scotland, and it gladdens my heart. Friends and family wonder why we’ve returned to the north of the British isles, rather than finding a place in sunny France. Doesn’t it rain all the time over there, they exclaim. But although that may be true for many, at least in their perception, it not our experience. For there’s more sunshine in Scotland than in Cornwall this year, and most of the sun’s light and warmth seemed aimed directly at the terrace outside our kitchen. Besides, it appears to me as if there’s been plenty of rain this Summer in France.

So let everyone on the Continent think what they like, for me, next to enjoying breakfast outside and almost daily getting my fix of Vitamin D, I’m happily painting again in the country where I feel most at home. Hopefully my art will demonstrate the bliss.