Reflections in Silver

Posted on Feb 25, 2016

On a visit to the old town of Elburg in the Netherlands, I noticed a greengrocer offering four or five different varieties of plums, including these yellow-green ones, named Reine Claude, after a Duchess of Brittany. Somehow I had missed seeing them for quite a while, and because I was walking along with my brother, whom I don’t see all that often either as he still lives in Scotland, I was reminded of happy times in my youth. So I couldn’t wait to paint them.

Silver beaker and Reine Claude plums

Reflections in a silver beaker
Oil on Board, 35 cm x 20 cm, 2015

My aim for this painting was to catch the reflections of the fruit in the silver beaker, and maintain an impressionistic touch. Here is a close-up of the center part.

Silver beaker with Reine Claude plums