Posted on Jan 15, 2016

The shape and form of objects are important. An earthenware jug, for instance, is not merely a container made to hold liquid, it is also a particular form. An object has beauty when its shape has been made by a craftsperson who had the intention of making it beautiful in addition to making it functional.

When studying the form and colour of beautiful objects, I am often awed by the craftsmanship of the artisans who made them. They add to the rich variety of shape and colour in this world. So in my paintings, I want to express my appreciation for the beautiful shapes they have given us, and for the colours and textures of traditional materials, such as clay and crystal and copper, and wood and stone.

The same is true for my appreciation of fruits and vegetables, which I accept are expressions of the craftsmanship of the highest Elohim, who, after all, makes them all grow.

Finally, I appreciate that YHWH Elohim gave us all a pair of eyes, so that we can admire all that beauty.